About us collage

We have been offering horseback riding on the beach on Cape San Blas for twenty-three years, and our family has been involved in the equine industry recorded all the way back to 1870. We take pride in having healthy, happy horses. We believe that happy horses make happy beach rides. All of our beach horses are patiently trained exclusively for horseback riding on the beach. They are selected for their temperament, consistency and enjoyment of doing their job. Beach riding is their only job, and when they aren’t on the beach they are not asked to do anything extra at home.
Our farm is located nine miles inland on fourteen acres of pasture with lots of shade trees & a horse barn. Each horse has their own comfy stall, cleaned and bedded daily, with a big fan and automatic waterers so they’ll always have fresh cold water.
We maintain a regular schedule with their veterinarian, farrier, and dentist. They also have extra care such as massage therapy, light therapy, chiropractic therapy, and individual nutritional supplements. When it’s time for a beach horse to retire, they spend the rest of their days at our farm being loved on by little kids and enjoying their retirement. We ensure that when they are ready to cross the rainbow bridge, that it is a peaceful event with respect and love. They are part of our family.